People Who Do Not Love Themselves:

  1. Have regular appearances of that critical inner voice, sapping their energy and self-esteem.
  2. Can be vulnerable, open to manipulation by others such as potentially abusive partners, bosses, colleagues, or “friends” that are actually user acquaintances.
  3. May create a false persona for people to “like”, in the false belief that their real self is unlikable. And so people who present such a different persona to the world often have no real sense of identity. Some even fear that they will be found out and rejected or ridiculed as a result. Keeping up this persona is very draining.

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People Who Love Themselves:

  1. Come across as attractive, even when doing nothing.
  2. Are happy in their own skin.
  3. Are not always looking for validation from others.
  4. Do what they like without fear.
  5. Their self-love energy attracts good people towards them.
  6. Feel more rooted and centred.
  7. Have more energy, since they are free to be themselves.

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Enjoy Your Self-Love Journey

EFT Tapping Master Suzanne Zacharia
Suzanne Zacharia, EFT Tapping Master Practitioner & Trainer