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EFT Tapping is great over Zoom or WhatsApp video. And here is a free EFT Tapping meditation for you to enjoy and get to know me better.

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Your EFT Master Practitioner – Reasonable prices for your sessions – As you can see, fees are very easy for most pockets. And since most people need 3-6 sessions for most self-development goals, this is what I charge amazing discounts for! One session can be what you need, and I would use it to make sure that you can carry on from there, concentrating on teaching you to help yourself in every way. This is up to 90 minutes, only £95 (about$117). In my approach, I recommend a course of 6 sessions to anybody, and the price is so attractive because I want you to be satisfied. Then you can refer your friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Most of all, I want to give as complete a solution as possible, so buy your 6 sessions here at a huge discount – ONLY £460 (about $569.00) – that is Buy 5 Sessions, get the 6th FREE. If you like the idea of 6 sessions but budget doesn’t allow, no problem. You can simply purchase 3 sessions at a mere £260 (about $321.00) – Great savings, and a generous & relaxed up to 90 Minutes. Book securely online here:

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Then you simply choose your appointment in your own time zone when you are redirected to my diary calendar after paying the modest VIP fee – very easy.

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Just schedule your Free Tap Into Your ‘Tastic Session of up to one hour with me personally, to find your 3 keys to moving forward and have all your questions answered.

Your EFT Tapping Practitioner Self-Development Sessions – Simple Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions

Please note that anything on this site is not a substitute for any appropriate medical care, and you are advised to consult with a medical practitioner before embarking on this or any other complementary or alternative self-help. EFT practitioners agree to take full responsibility for the use of any EFT scripts or guides provided, and an EFT practitioner session is not a substitute for proper training as per your country, state, or professional requirements. You are advised not to use EFT if you have psychosis, for your optimal safety and well-being. Any payment is non-refundable and non-transferable. A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required for cancellations, otherwise, they are usually chargeable. Our use of systems that are trademarked or have a registered trademark represents our views and not necessarily those of the trademark owners.

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