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Freedom ImageMaybe you do EFT tapping for yourself, perhaps for your loved ones, or maybe you’re an EFT practitioner looking for new things to say. Or perhaps EFT tapping is new to you, and you want to try it out. Or you can jump right in and book sessions or study EFT Tapping with me personally. I work mainly online and am experienced in delivering EFT online since 2004, specialising in stubborn cases. My first session explores and gives you a route map to Tapping Into Your ‘Tastic, FREE HERE.

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And this,, is the site where you can find a Tapping script, guide, or teleclass-webinar. It is important to know that my EFT Scripts encourage you to be specific for your own situation, rather than repeat parrot-fashion. Whilst some of the scripts are verbatim, such as the well-known Serenity Prayer or the Reiki Principles, always good to tap as they are, I encourage you to tap for your particular situation, so you get more benefit than the average tap-along script or video out there. A good Script is one where you fill in the blanks in an easy way that is simple for you and yet creates profound changes. Look out for your EFT-zine in your email. Make sure it has not gone to the spam, junk, promotional, social, or whatever folder. If it has, either tell your email program that it is a good email, or simply look in that folder again next time. If you do not get my EFT-zine as yet, simply get it below.

All my EFT-zines are in response to real reader requests. That includes you. Thank you so much for helping others help themselves in this way!

Whether a total newbie or an experienced EFT practitioner, if you have subscribed to my EFT-zine, I promise to let you know when a new EFT Tapping guide book or program is ready to buy and when a new FREE teleclass or webinar is available. You also get to try mini-guides in the making, free. With gratitude to my EFT pupils and newsletter subscribers, I develop full EFT guides for various EFT situations. These are:

  1. Easily laid out
  2. Already tried and tested by others
  3. Bought primarily by EFT Practitioners for ideas, as a step-by-step guide to a structured EFT tapping. For example, there is something called the Tell The Story Technique or Narrate The Movie Technique. I show you step-by-step how to do it, breaking it down for you.

You just have a very easy task of filling in the blanks, and it is explained so easily, that it is very simple to do so.

EFT Scripts and Tapping Guides for You and Yours – What readers and users have said:

“I got two one to one clients and 3 corporate clients by only applying One of the modules in my Wellness Professional Success Blueprint course.” Sylvester.

¨Thanks so much for your emails. I’ve unsubscribed from many EFTer’s emails (all those pesky sales pitches get to me after while), yours is one of the few I read. Gobble them up actually…..thank you for your direct, sensible approach. Also your keen insights! Tap tap tap, Susie¨

¨Dear Ms. Zacharia, I admit, I was skeptical about EFT. I picked up on your scripts primarily because of your surname, Zacharia… there are always signs. I am now an ardent follower of the practice. Your scripts have provided an intelligent frame to follow. Gratefully, Cynthia¨

¨Hello Suzanne, I am so grateful and thankful for you taking the time to send me this EFT script. I am so overwhelmed that you were kind enough to do this that I am crying. I so appreciate it thank you. (That you took the time to reply). Deb¨

¨Suzanne, I can’t thank you enough for this. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the depth of my heart Suzanne, you are a beautiful soul in this world today. In Love & Light, Anne¨

¨Thank you so much for your support, the programme Is great¨ A user of the Lose Weight EFT program.

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Please note that any advice given here is not a substitute for any appropriate medical care, and you are advised to consult with a medical practitioner before embarking on this or any other complementary or alternative modality. EFT practitioners agree to take full responsibility for the use of any EFT scripts or guides provided. You are advised not to use EFT if you have psychosis, for your optimal well-being safety. Any payment for any course of tapping is non-refundable and non-transferable unless otherwise specified. Whilst EFT or Tapping has helped many people for self-development, we cannot promise that it can help with your own. Our use of systems that are trademarked or have a registered trademark represents our views and not necessarily those of the trademark owners.


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