Self-Esteem And Its Biggest Limiting Belief

You have probably tried programs that get you to analyze yourself, ones that tell you how wonderful you are, and ones that train you to look on the bright side when the inside is falling apart. I call that practice. We have all been through it. We try this, we try that, and we find many different methods that help us a bit. What is really needed is something that gives us practical tools and skills to train your brain, so you can get what you want in life without fear and self-doubt.

And these skills have to be easy to remember and simple enough to do. Then you can just do them over and over again until you reach the point you want to be at.

As a seeker of better self-esteem, it helps to understand where some of your stuff came from. You may be pleasantly surprised that most people with low self-esteem have pretty similar stuff, and it helps to learn about the negative beliefs that you simply have not been aware of on a conscious level. The subconscious mind is very powerful, and once you can find that negative belief, you can unlock the key to moving forward.

The first step on the path to happiness starts with knowing what you actually want. Most people think they do, but they do not. They may lie to themselves and convince themselves that they are OK, or they may be sabotaging themselves due to the negative belief that they are not good enough to have the life that they want. We are not exactly saying that everyone can be a millionaire, own a yacht, and work two days a week. It is much more basic than that. For example, the person that keeps saying they are happy being single, when deep down inside, they fear repeating the same pattern of disastrous relationships as before. And the reason why they keep repeating those patterns is usually governed by not feeling good enough for someone that will treat them right and make them happy.

Feeling not good enough spoils social events, relationships, job interviews, earnings, and even sports and hobbies.

In my course, The Practical Skills to Feeling Good Enough, you learn literally the practical skills of improving your self-esteem. You are taught an adaptation of EFT Tapping which lends itself very well to this purpose, and you learn how to use it to feel Good Enough, step by step, lesson by lesson. You can actually feel a change during the lesson itself or during the practice of your new skills after the lesson. Everything is designed so that even a beginner can benefit.

Even if you do not feel good enough to get yourself this course, just have a look at the first lecture video introducing the course, and see if you feel comfortable with it. And the price is low enough that you can easily afford it, even if you do not allow yourself the more pricey items. This is within everyone’s budget. Watch and listen and explore here 

EFT Tapping Master Suzanne Zacharia
Suzanne Zacharia, EFT Tapping Master Practitioner & Trainer

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Suzanne Zacharia,  EFT Master Practitioner & Trainer, CThA, GoE, EPA