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  Back Pain Image If you have suffered back pain for months or years, you can be forgiven for thinking what medicine and the usual medical field has to offer is all that there is. With EFT Tapping, we can relieve surprising emotional blocks in your path. Additionally, research points to the possibility of EFT reducing inflammation. And inflammation and stored emotions make any pain many times worse. I have even experienced years of chronic back pain leaving my client once we have tapped on the right thing.

But What Is The Right Thing To Tap For To Relieve Back Pain? What EFT Techniques And Approaches Do You Need?

With experience with EFT Tapping for back pain since 2004, I have seen many lives transformed – even people who had stopped working and enjoying their hobbies have turned their lives around. I myself was a sufferer for several miserable years. Npt any more! So I have put all my approaches And the price is low enough that you can easily afford it, even if you do not allow yourself the more pricey items. This is within everyone’s budget. Watch and listen and explore here 
EFT Tapping Master Suzanne Zacharia
Suzanne Zacharia, EFT Tapping Master Practitioner & Trainer

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Please note that any advice given here is not a substitute for any appropriate medical care, and you are advised to consult with a medical practitioner before embarking on this or any other complementary or alternative modality. EFT practitioners agree to take full responsibility for the use of any EFT scripts or guides provided. You are advised not to use EFT if you have psychosis, for your optimal well-being safety. Any payment for any course of tapping is non-refundable and non-transferable unless otherwise specified. Whilst EFT or Tapping has helped many people for self-development, we cannot promise that it can help with your own. Our use of systems that are trademarked or have a registered trademark represents our views and not necessarily those of the trademark owners. Try it and tell me how you get along – I personally support you every step of the way: Watch and listen and explore here  Wishing you optimal health and Happiness, Suzanne Zacharia,  EFT Master Practitioner & Trainer, CThA, GoE, EPA