EFT Level 1 and Foundation Certificated Course

EFT is at the leading edge of new methods in complementary health care as well as self-help and self-development. It stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, and that is what it is designed to do. EFT is often endearingly called Tapping, as it involves tapping with fingers on easy to reach acupressure points whilst using releasing simple wording. The ease of use, plus relatively quick and long-lasting results, are what is making it probably the fastest-growing number one self-development tool.

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EFT is not just about emotions. By releasing emotional trauma, for example, EFT helps to release physical symptoms too. And it can also be used directly to release muscle tension, back pain, and allergy symptoms, sometimes literally within minutes.

People have lived for years with daily pain, whether physical or emotional. EFT can be a little bit hard to believe, as sometimes it seems like a miracle. But there is nothing miraculous or airy-fairy about EFT, as increasingly, we get more scientific research and studies on it. You may have tried many things, now try EFT and see for yourself what every tapper is talking about.

Fears and phobias can disappear. For eample a scary little harmless spider can elicit sweaty palms and a fast heartbeat, but after EFT, it can even seem cute or fascinating. But EFT does not remove normal protective caution. Because EFT is an energy balancing technique, a kind of energy psychology rather than mind control.

EFT can be a fast and long-lasting approach to targeting and releasing the true root causes of any challenges in life. With this online course, you will learn how to get to the root causes of financial challenges, weight challenges, alcohol or smoking challenges, emotional problems, relationship frustrations, pain, physical symptoms, self esteem issues, and a whole load of stuff that is stopping you from living the life you want. It is about results.

What you Get With Your EFT Level 1 and Foundation Certificated Course

You get the following units, including one live online class at a time convenient to you, with me personally, Suzanne Zacharia, EFT Master Trainer and Author. Plus your certificate, plus a nicely illustrated book once you have completed a number of units. How much better can it get?!

EFT Level 1 Training – Module 1
EFT Level 1 Training – Module 2
EFT Level 1 Training – Module 3
EFT Level 1 Training – Setup and Basic Recipe
Learning EFT For Newcomers Or New Angles For Practitioners
Pain – Your Module 1
Pain – Your Module 2
Let’s EFT for a Physical Discomfort Or Pain
What You Feel And Letting Go Of Physical Pain
Chasing the Pain
Let’s Get Started With Some General Tapping Boosting Self-Esteem
Collapsing Table Legs – Aspects and Being Specific
Emergency Help
Events Tapping – Tapping 1
Events Tapping – Tapping 1 Continued
Events Tapping – Tapping 1 – Even More Freedom
Events Tapping – Tapping 1 Completion
EFT for Forbidden Fruit
EFT Training – Useful Concepts in EFT
Your Own Personal Peace Tapping or PPP
Now Get Your Foundation Certificate in EFT

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Main Disclaimers and Terms and Conditions

Please note that any advice given here is not a substitute for any appropriate medical care, and you are advised to consult with a medical practitioner before embarking on this or any other complementary or alternative modality. EFT practitioners agree to take full responsibility for the use of any EFT scripts or guides provided. You are advised not to use EFT if you have psychosis, for your optimal well-being safety. Any payment for any course of tapping is non-refundable and non-transferable unless otherwise specified. Whilst EFT or Tapping has helped many people for self-development, we cannot promise that it can help with your own. Our use of systems that are trademarked or have a registered trademark represents general views of users of the systems and not necessarily those of the trademark owners.