Let me help you – I used to be constantly in pain myself… Till I discovered EFT!

  • Your Pain Release EFT Program is a modular computer interactive service that works as if you are having sessions with me personally. Only at a very small fraction of the price!
  • At the end of most modules, you can email me directly, and I respond within 48 hours (usually within just a few hours). This means that you are not alone out there but have my personal guidance all the way through.
  • It’s all very easy and simple, taking you step by step to success. You can use your program for about 6 weeks. By then most people will be tapping like a pro and their pain will have been completely tamed.

What Do Other Users Say About My Pain Self-Management EFT?

This is what some clients who have used my EFT for pain self-management have said:

¨Miraculous Recovery¨ ~ Sharon, just 6 sessions after 4 years of pain
¨Truly thank you, Suzanne, for helping me achieve freedom from more than 25 years of pain with EFT in your class. 14 months after your class, I’m still free from my pain¨ ~ Sejual

How Much Is Your Pain Release Self-Management EFT Program?

SPECIAL OFFER FOR NOW. Your complete program is designed to be sold at $60.00 but you have a special offer on for now. This is so you can try it, give me feedback, and, if you like it, tell me something nice about your progress that I can publish. This will encourage others to help themselves too. For a very limited period,usually  you can buy about 6 weeks of my full Pain Release Self-Development program in 2 easy monthly instalments.

For a limited time period its NOW a mere $9.50 which you pay through Pay Pal, Please Buy Now to get your access.

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